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that america is watching and we can ill afford for the governor to start implementing measures -- i guess i'm shooting myself in the foot. it's coming to maryland on the 14th. i expect to see some of those young socialist-communist in the background when i watch msnbc to be standing at the rally, if i go at all. they would love to see him recall. if they do, the rest of america will fall behind him. host: next is a democrat in ohio. what do you think? who was the winner and loser in wisconsin? caller: i think the loser is the middle class. the gentleman who was just on is just a case of how the middle class is pitted against each other. huge tax breaks are given to people who make huge amounts of money and middle-class people are arguing amongst each other about things we should not be able to -- we should not have to argue about. people were properly taxed like they're supposed to be, they would not be having these arguments. i'm not saying that we should not have a competitive business community, but come on. they are making huge amounts of money. i say go on wisconsin. wisconsin is showi
on the line for democrats. go ahead. caller: hi. the last time i checked, america was a place that all people could live. i think muslims are people. christians are people. we should tolerate one another. if you want to get angry in this country, there's enough things to get angry about. there are loss of freedoms. there are interfering into other people's countries and their businesses and their ways. we are not going to be satisfied in this country until we run ourselves all the way down into the dirt. host: again, if you like to contact us, you can dial in on the phone numbers. we have set aside our fourth phone line for muslims in the u.s. this morning. 202-628-0184 is the number for you to call and you can also contact us via e-mail or twitter. from "the washington post" this morning, "house hearing to bring debate on islam to the fore." host: that is from "the new york times -- that is from "the washington post." good morning. caller: in republican -- i am republican. i wanted to vote for george bush, but i felt there was going to be a war. i was told that republicans usually engage in
that npr hates committee a look -- hates in middle america. plain and simple. are you listening and c-span radio? caller: yes, i do. host: keep an eye on the road. caller: is it true that we have pretty much worked out the 2012 but -- budget, well on our way? host: i would say we are far away from that. caller: what i think is going on with the 2011 is an exercise by the politicians, both democratic and republican, tea party, whatever, to make it look like they are actually busy by opposing things that are unreasonable on both sides. it is useful because it brings up the topic of everything as a possible item that can be cut. i think the 2011 exercise is going to be an exercise. and the two extensions -- federal workers in constant fear of their jobs and livelihood. i think the 2011 exercise will be a continuing resolution for the rest of the year. then it will get to work for 2012. host: thank you for calling and thank you for listening on c- span radio. you can find us at 90.1 fm but you can listen nationwide on xm channel 132 and streamed on the web at an e-mail --
about tightening the belt, but nobody talks about the companies in america tightening their belts. if we went back to a flat tax, no tax break, no tax shelters, everyone pays 10%, that would help our economy, the american families, and it would let big business pay what they should pay. guest: here is one of the big issues we are dealing with that. people at oil companies are making a lot of money. we are dealing with a major energy crunch right now. people can look at oil companies and say, they have record profits and we have record high prices. the fact is, we are dealing with record high prices in oil. if we could add energy from our own country, we could manage that and it would be different. fluctuations from overseas would not still be occurring, at this point. people also talk about oil companies getting tax breaks. it is that ability to write off their business expenses. it is the same as other companies. people say that they are larger and these small companies, but they are, they are larger businesses. people want to pick on that. what would they do if they pulled that out? th
satellite corp. 2011] >> everywhere and europe and and america, your people agree with it. the whole people are against you. your governments, your regime will go down. host: a defiant response just two hours ago from libyan leader gaddafi as missiles continue to hit key targets overnight. 48 deaths were reported. this is the largest international military effort since the iraq war. today's military action taking place the same weekend egyptian residence are going to the polls to vote on the senate -- is changes to its constitution. voters in haiti going to the polls to select a new president. our president and rio de janeiro, day to bureau of his south american trip where his focus is on jobs, trade, and the economy, and congress is in recess. we are going to focus on the story from libya. and your calls and reaction as u.s. and allies strike those targets. 202-737-0002, our line for democrats. 202-737-0001 for republicans. for independence, the number to call is 202-628-0205. here are some of the headlines from domestic newspapers beginning with "new york post." "take that gaddafi." "stri
the white people in america all shook up. they cannot stand it because he was a black man. george bush -- host: you think this is about race? caller: part of it is, peter. i can understand why white people cannot see the racist element of it. if he was a black bush, you could see it. host: omaha, nebraska, on the republican line. just then, how you think the president has handled the libyan conflict so far -- justin? caller: i do not approve of the present -- he has shown that he is loyal to one group of people, the bankers. we have no business in libya. if this was such an issue, why did we allow this for 40 years or some of their other nations closer. at least it is a coalition. i am not interested in anything the united nations says -- host: what did you think of the iraq war during the bush administration? caller: i am a veteran of the iraq war. i was there in 2004 when it was still pretty fuzzy -- when there was no government and nothing going on. i was a bit younger than. that was almost 10 years ago. and it took me about two weeks of being there to figure out that this was a sca
says the that almost half the households in america do not have any access to public transit. they do not have a choice. they pay the high price of gas or do not travel to much of these places. for most americans, public transportation ought to be an option. host: to comment or ask a question, please call the numbers at the bottom of your screen. you can also e-mail us for says tweet. the president address the topic of oil and gas prices in a conference yesterday. here is what he had to say. >> we need to continue to boost domestic production of oil and gas. last year, we reached its highest level since 2003. let me repeat that. our oil production reached its highest level in seven years. oil production from federal waters in the gulf of mexico reached an all-time high. for the first time in more than a decade, imports accounted for less than half of what we consume. any notion that my administration has shut down oil production may make for a good political sound bite, but it does not match up to reality. guest: we want to move as much of our energy production to domestic sources as
is today, recently back from his trip to latin america. a lot of focus right now on the president's decision in libya and what role the u.s. has welcome to "washington journal" this friday, march 25. in "the baltimore sun," -- nato to take the lead. what do you think about the nato and u.s. role in libya? the numbers to call -- send us your tweets and we will read them. coverage of the nato-u.s. relationship in libya. allied forces hit a libyan jet that ventured into the air. taking a look at "the washington post" coverage. they are starting out with "obama pressed for clarity over libya." coming from both parties in congress, as well as others, to get some sense of where the u.s. is going with this. let's get to the phones and hear what you think. lydia in maryland. democrats' line. caller: i think it is great he is turning over command of the no-fly zone to nato. he said the united states would not be in the lead and it is about time it takes responsibility. more of the gulf states are contributing airplanes to the no-fly zone. i saw last night that night thatqatar, united arab
golove will discuss the implications of >> it is true that america cannot use our military wherever repression occurs. given the cost and risks of intervention, we must always measure our interests against the need for action. that cannot be an argument for never acting on behalf of what is right. ♪ host: president obama on monday night on a speech that was not from the oval office. president obama addressed the nation from the national defense university in washington in a speech that lasted 25 minutes in front of a largely military audience that remained quiet for much of the address. the president said that when our interests and values are at stake, we have a responsibility to act. we want to hear from all of you this morning and get your thoughts from the president's speech last night. "the washington post" headline this morning phrases it like that. the president went on to say that even though america's safety was not at risk when it came to libya, we did have to act against colonel gaddafi in libya. here is what he had to say. >> there will be times when our safety is not
because even though america has not intervened with these countries to try to make than democracies, they themselves have tried to make themselves free of dictators and other powers that they did not have control of. host: robert, what do you think of this particular instance with the united nations out suggesting military force is appropriate in libya? caller: i believe military force would only be appropriate if our country were to be in danger, simply because when we get involved in other countries' problems, then the entire world will believe that any time they have a problem, america can help them immediately. that they themselves don't need to help themselves. we would be like superman -- whenever somebody has a problem the call out for the only superpower to help them. host: your point of the stories is that you think the population of to be working organically without support from the u.s.? caller: the big thing we want is democracy. i particularly don't believe in democracy. i believe in a democratic republic, which is different. the government with laws, where democracy is
to smaller stations, rural, small town america, where they do not have the financial base to be able to provide robust public broadcasting. host: that was from the house floor yesterday. back to your calls. republican, susan, va. good morning. caller: good morning. when you hear people calling in and asking where are the jobs, why do we not dissect what republicans and the tea party members are trying to do in congress to give us jobs? they are trying to bring down what we owe as a country. 70 cents of every dollar. people do not get that. $5 million or npr -- whenever the amount -- $5 million for npr, whatever the amount, every little bit counts. when you see what people are doing at their kitchen tables, they do cut $5 a year, $10 here. in washington, that is $5 million here, $10 million here. i agree with the caller who said -- george soros, all the wonderful millionaires and billionaires -- bill gates. they should put their money, instead of in other countries in the world, back here in the united states, supporting npr and the wonderful programs that everybody is trying to strik
. there is no justice in america anymore, and we need to fix it now. host: here is reaction from chairman of the senate judiciary committee. he fears it will stay open. he warned late last night that the white house order on renewing the commission's will jeopardize the closing of the prison that president obama has promised to shut. he said the executive order has done little to change the damage that the guantanamo prison has had on the american judicial system. you could read more about politico. the top republican on the committee said the order is in the right direction as opposed to the liver of questionable decisions at the white house by guantanamo. luther, a democrat. what are your thoughts? caller: you have a new president, young president tried to do the right thing. there is going to be times he is going to say things because he does not know all of the facts. once he'd knows the facts, he has to do it to around. -- once he knows the facts, he has to do a turnaround. he is trying to turn the country around. he is going to make mistakes, but he did not walk into a palace, he walked into a di
anything in america. rand paul, senator for kentucky, put out some legislation out there for a budget and nobody even wants to look at it. what will it take for us to wake up and understand that these people are just interested in themselves? it's getting to the point where we cannot do anything. unemployment is maybe 20%. i do not think these guys are really serious. i think it is up to the american people to wake up and say, "you know what? we need to draw a line in the sand peacefully and say we will not take this anymore." i cannot hire employees. i do not know what to do. they're so much uncertainty. it is really going to be up to the american people that we do not want to take this anymore. look at the proposal that rand paul made. i do not know what else to say. host: you identify yourself as a tea party member. do you align yourself with them specifically? caller: they understand what the average american is going through. look at the senators in my state. mendez was almost recall because he's not listening to us. ron paul and rand paul, they actually listen. this grass-roots
capacity necessary. host: kerner, okla., your thoughts? caller: america should not be involved in this. the second-largest city there, everyone is talking about a lot of atrocities. cnn, cbs, they are both in their. the media does not answer questions, you know? it is just another lie to spend a lot of money. good luck on the intervention. host: here is but " finance -- "financial times" this morning. host: we covered that hearing yesterday. she was there to talk about the budget for the state department in 2012. if you are interested in the whole fishing, go to our web site., in the upper right- hand corner we have a video library. chicago, theodore, democratic caller. go ahead. caller: we should only get involved for humanitarian purposes. the problem is that we just got out of two wars. some people forget that ronald reagan bombed muammar gaddafi back in 2008. who is going to pay for this? that is my only question. if we get involved, who is going to foot the bill? we have a recession. we need to be focused on america at this particular moment. if those people want freedo
to this. tony blair went to libya in 2004 and announced that america had its new ally in the war against terror. condi rice went to libya also, to meet her new friend, muammar gaddafi in 2008. five weeks ago, libya was our ally. now there are many reports in the media about how many of the rebels are either al-qaeda or linked to al-qaeda. what i do not understand is why this new clause i military alliance with al-qaeda has formed -- new quasi-military alliance with al-qaeda has formed. they describe how many of the rebels are al-qaeda or led by al-qaeda. you can go to a and there's a very good article on how many of the rebels are linked to al- qaeda. host: you think the mission of the u.s. should be altered because of the influence of al- qaeda in libya? caller: i think the mission itself is illegal because the un resolution itself violates the u.n. charter. the un charter says it can only be collective military action to restore international peace and order and not to intervene in another country's civil affairs. host: richard, in chicago illinois. talk to us about y
. ross perot in 1992, newt gingrich in the contract with america in 1994 the company focused on the words and the power of language. oxford university, for my ph.d. in philosophy, which i hate it. and focus groups on msnbc and in thoughts of for the last quarter years. host: another from twitter, and his potential bid for the white house. guest: you have to have a legitimate bid. might blumberg could make a bid for the white house because he has had a greater impact than anyone else than probably bill gates. donald trump is a television personality. mike bloomberg is a statement. i would assess bloomberg to be credible. host: from iowa. caller: i have one question, and now it is too. i am from iowa. i live in steve king's district. so i walk among a lot of misinform the republicans in my daily life. had you find that many -- they were surprised to find out that the president of united states was not a muslim. do you believe that you should of said something? guest: the voters that colin from iowa and new hampshire, you are gold. and particularly at this point in the election cycle. i will
america because it will only emboldened the reverend fred phelps and followers to protest and a funeral with the effort -- whatever reason and without legal recourse. he concludes his opposition editorial by writing -- west virginia. iraq on the republican line. what do you think -- eric on the republican minority caller: i think they probably got it right and i hope the obama administration reads this opinion very carefully because they have been trying to shut down fox news for the last -- well, since he has been in office. host: how have they been trying to shut down fox news? caller: he is -- his communications director, the woman, she was on tv several times disparaging fox news and telling how they are spreading propaganda. host: tie that into what we are talking about. caller: the fairness doctrine. are they trying to shut down some speech? trying to say that if you have one opinion you have to produce another opinion opposite of that. free-speech is something you just can't regulate. host: bruce is a democrat in frankfurt, ky. talking about 8-1 supreme court decision. caller: i
money. this is the money for medical care. this is the wealth of america and is being stolen. people need to read this book, "crossing the rubicon." 9/11 synthetic terror -- host: we are going to leave it there. we want to make sure we get other calls and e-mails. bob rates us from florida -- bob writes us from florida. looking at the news, the 2012 election race heats up. in "the wall street journal" -- "in the effort to defeat president obama." also, looking at other news, "usa today" -- the profiles one woman who says she is mistaken for somebody's wife whenever she walks in the front door of the v.a. center. she says there's an attitude that women did not serve their country. "they think veterans are men, not women. it is an attitude the department of veterans affairs wants to change." the caller honor -- a caller on the line for democrats. hi. caller: in order for the government to work and be effective, it requires that the people are actively engaged and have a memory enough to hold the government accountable. so long as we continue to have an easy and vote for the same party
to latin america and what it means for u.s. trade. after that, we will discuss the implementation of the health care law. ♪ host: as president obama cut his latin america trip short, and returns to washington, the washington post reports that key nato allies have tentatively agreed to take the lead role. but none have officially signed on. other news out of the middle east -- the yemen president pledging to step down when your early has not satisfied opponents. help from saudi arabia is likely to be rejected. we will keep you updated throughout today's "washington journal." the nation's health-care law turned 1 years old today. we have a separate line set aside for health care .ractitioner i the new health care law -- it says, a loose federation of left-leaning groups have gathered to peddle the virtues of health care reform. it is like we have to world. the article says that in other words, the future is very uncertain right now. i would not give more than a 50- 50 chance that all the critical components of the affordable care act will be alive and well. nearly 12,500 americans
here in america. and i notice wisconsin, michigan, ohio and florida are normally a little left of center stage. that is where the gop made all of their gains. we have here in our area, it was packed all day long. what happened to the votes? do you think after eight years of bush we all of a sudden when brain dead and votel of these republicans in? i do not think so. host: with go back to jim iece -- his peac bill i-80 has this point on our twitter page -- -- bill beattie has this point of order page -- our question, should pbs go private? it also includes funding for the corporation for public broadcasting and npr. next call from pennsylvania. caller: i think one of the concerns about going private is that since it is public, it is not really ratings driven. if it goes private, you risk being desperate to get ratings. and the thing, it is not an objective resource. host: from "usa today," the wisconsin government saying that layoffs could come as early as today. also from "the wall street journal," richard trumka point out -- one of the points from his piece this morning in the
. we're likely going to elect a new federal government in may and unlike in america where elections are fixed for the president, for the congress are held every four years in canada the prime minister of the country has to govern with the confidence of the house of commons. the prime minister's name is not on the ballot. you elect a member of his party and the guy who gets to be prime minister is the guy who gets more members of that party. and the prime minister yesterday lost the confidence of the house of commons. he holds a flurry ralt of seats but doesn't have a majority. he lost a vote. his opponents voted him down. and that means we're off to the races. it's kind of an odd situation in the sense that the prime minister will be arguing that canada is doing well coming out of this recession. we've created about 400,000 net new jobs. put that in perspective for americans, that's as if the united states being up 4 million jobs. the government is going to be eliminate its deficit within three years. last week it tabled a budget to eliminate it
. host: president obama, on a trip to latin america, made a stop yesterday in chile. at a joint news conference with their leader, he addressed the situation in libya and talked about the military. >> i could not be prouder of the manner in which the u.s. military has performed over the last several days. it's a testament to the men and women in uniform. when they are given a mission, they execute and do an outstanding job. obviously, our military is obviously very stretched. it carries large burdens all around the world. whenever possible, for us to be able to get international cooperation, not just in terms of words, but also in terms of planes, pilots, and resources, that is something we should actively seek and embrace. it relieves the burden on our military and on u.s. taxpayers to fulfil what is an international mission. host: we will go to morgan county, tennessee. an independent. congress's role attack in libya. what do you think? caller: i'm wondering who is president he is. the united states or the entire world? he should be at home, instead of in brazil and in other countr
later, the president of america's a line talks about a campaign to reverse the high school dropout rate. "washington journal" is next. ♪ ♪ host: good morning, and welcome to "washington journal" on monday, march 21. our question for you this morning is what should the u.s. position in libya be? should it extend to the protection of the people or overthrowing and even killing general gaddafi? the numbers to call are at the bottom of your screen. you can e-mail us and find us on twitter. you can send us a note and we will read it on the air this morning. take a look at the analysis in the "new york times." here is a report. that is what we are going off of this morning. we are looking into what must be done. one newspaper says, now what? let's go to our democrats line in district heights, md.. caller: be good morning. -- good morning. i think the united states should stop acting like a gang of going into every neighborhood starting trouble. this leader is like a scared cat back in a corner. he can wreak havoc if he knows he will be murdered. when i saw a admiral mullen on c-span
that america faces. perhaps even more important they have to have the political courage to stand up to the interests and stand up to washington d.c., stand up to the big spenders and do what has to be done. that is what we needed our candidate for 2012. [applause] because we are a nation of risk takers. that is how the nation started. i am an iowan. i was born here almost 55 years ago to the week. i am a seventh generation iowan that is even better. host: comments of michelle bachmann yesterday in des moines, iowa. janine is joining us from charleston, south carolina. we are hearing from republicans only to find out what issues you think as a member of the gop will be most important in the upcoming republican primary. caller: good morning. i really hope this is not going to be an election based solely on conservative ideological religious beliefs. i hope that we will take a long hard look at our economy and the nation's security and avoid that area. i would like to see as be able to envelop and keep the conservatives in our party. host: our twitter page -- sean is joining us from ch
. but it is not anywhere near the amount of people that die in america because the democrats cannot even have sex without screwing it up and a boarding babies. people call in every day and talk about the cost of war and lives in iraq but in the first obama two years more black babies were murdered by black voters than it more democrats in the entire war. host: the headline from "the miami herald" says "scramble for survival." this is in northeastern japan. "the chicago tribune," "aftershock." here is that photo again. the picture of an official in protective gear checking for signs of radiation. the atlanta journal, constitution. the nuclear accident may be the worse since chernobyl, the damage is expected to take years. the story from the associated press from the prime minister of japan, he is calling the disaster the worst crisis in japan since world war ii and is urging the country to unite. looking at nuclear power, representatives of the industry say is too soon to know what impact could be have on u.s. policy. it is very hard to draw conclusions according to a group that lobbies from the industry.
. america is going down the toilet and i'm not going to go with them. i'm sick of this. the american people have to do something. it's obvious they are not. they are so embedded with the corporations. it's pathetic. host: justin on our active military line from fairfax. good morning. good morning, justin. caller: good morning. i disagree with some of what your previous caller just said. in particular, we did have a chance of winning the war up front. a very good book for people to read is "the odyssey of pat tillman." a lot of the problem is -- a lot of afghanistan is tribal leadership. unfortunately, most of our opposition has moved across the border into pakistan. that's the problem with guerrilla warfare. they are not respecting the nation's boundaries and they can develop ties in whatever country is available. we had a chance to win the war in afghanistan, but i do not think we have a chance anymore. host: have you served in afghanistan? caller: i have not served in afghanistan. i have a number of friends that have been over there. some people who have been special forces in afghanistan
and and america's energy odyssey. -- lead the green revolution. robert, what do you think -- or john? caller: i want to reiterate the fact that it takes extraordinary amounts of fossil fuels to process uranium into nuclear rods. it takes extraordinary amounts of fossil fuel to maintain these plants and to contain the waste that last forever. it is actually extraordinarily impossible to think that people 10,000 year -- 10,000 years from now will know what yet the mountain is and what pollution is stored there. it is just a net loss for humanity for eternity. host: robert, independent from washington. caller: good morning. thank you, c-span, for letting me have a say. i think your last caller was exactly right. he was very correct in what he was saying. it i would also like to be able to say that utilities saw the honda years ago by nicholas tesla. he was told at the time when nuclear technology became one of the newest of the day, that he had told albert einstein that it was the most dangerous technology to date for mankind. he told him not to mess with it. he said, look here, right now what we
very distinctly. i it just graduated from college and now was backpacking in south america. a friend and i were staying in an isolated place in ecuador. the first time i was never out of the country, i was naive about american politics. how. it was a very european crowd. a lot of ecuador aeons. he had not only been shot, according to the radio, but he had been killed. i was a little restaurant there -- at a little restaurant there. immediately sun came up and cheered. so did many ecuadorian. of course, i was absolutely astounded that the response, but as i say, i was very naive about how as we as americans worked received at that time. how -- were perceived at that time. i lived through that entire a theme a political assassination is a young person in this country. it was not unexpected to hear something like that. how high was amazed by the response. he caused me to explore why people felt that way. and that is my comment. host: to omaha, bill, and attended college. caller: we appreciate the service you give our country. how how was sputtering out on an acting career and i remember
for america going in to help with this war. if you know your bible, it tells you all about it in ezekiel 37, 38, and 39, what is going to happen. host: how does it play into libya? caller: they will come from the north, the south, the east, and the west. host: democrats line. caller: we have to be very careful. look at a country and what they are doing to the palestinians. we have to be ready. we have to look at the no-fly zone. we need to look at what is happening. [unintelligible] if we do it for the palestinian region, we should do it for this the same. host: how are you with the stance we have taken? caller: if we are doing it for humanitarian reasons, the finale. [unintelligible] we have to do it for the israelis, the saudis. host: would you approve it if we had to step up our involvement? caller: you have to be very careful about sending in ground troops. you know some countries that are not going to back up. host: this is off of twitter. michigan, republican line. caller: good morning. you are the finest of c-span. thanks for taking my call. my comment is i believe our government sho
. our economy is rising, they are saying. it is rising but if you take one under% of america, only 20% is getting money off of that economy. that is the rich people. 80% of the middle class and poor are still suffering in this country. if you look at the gentleman talking about all of these illegal aliens coming into this country, all of the hispanics coming up here on three-year passes into the united states, and they work, and they take that money, and they go right back to mexico with it. we have too many people coming into this country robbing a. the welfare department -- they know these people are selling food stamps for drugs, alcohol, and giving these people free living, free housing, free food, and they keep making baby after baby after baby. host: we're going to leave it there. rea hederman. guest: we need to make sure that american workers have what they need to compete. we have to focus on two different eras. we need to make sure the education department is as strong as it can be. we need to make sure that people have at least a high school degree and the skills to compete
astonishing. he was saying the most violent things about america. it was unbelievable. this is the "atlanta journal constitution here " there's a big problem with in many parts of islam. host: you want to see these hearings go forward that rep king is calling for? caller: yes, i think it's a big problem that many of us are ignoring. host: how are gas prices in atlanta? caller: the highest i've seen is $3.89 per gallon. that's for premium. $3.40 for regular. it is high, but i know it's higher in a lot of other places. i know it will definitely affect the economy, if it keeps going up. we definitely need to become more energy independent. host: taking a look at a couple of stories in international news before we go on to our guest this morning. this is from the associated press. a top aide official says 213,000 foreign workers have fled libya's violence. host: also, from afghanistan, u.s. secretary robert gates said that both the u.s. and afghan governments agreed the american military should remain in afghanistan after the planned 2014 end of combat operations to help train and advise afghan
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